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The pirate bay

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Use Safely - How To Do It?

There’s a grey area around accessing websites that host a database with torrent links in a sense that’s not exactly illegal but is definitely frowned upon. The same applies to downloading a torrent file. If there’s no copyrighted data transferred, there’s nothing illegal about the entire process. Actually, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are often transferred through torrents for their proven advantages when dealing with larger files.

However, when talking about sharing and downloading copyrighted content, the situation changes as there are penalties involved. And even though some see this disproportionate, it doesn’t change the fact torrent users can easily be tracked via IP address. Luckily, there are a few options you have to avoid being tracked.

Navigating Through a Proxy

Using a proxy gets the job done halfway. While a proxy server will mask your IP address, the Internet Service Provider is still able to see the data you transfer to your computer. And while software that blocks the connection to particular IP addresses is available for a number of years, these solutions do not really take care of the entire problem since the ISP still has access to all the traffic that goes out and comes into your computer when using a proxy server. And the ISPs can easily be forced by authorities to pass that information if needed.

Using a VPN for Torrenting

A much better solution is using a VPN. Short for Virtual Personal Network, it creates a secondary network within the one provided by the ISP so that any data that goes through is encrypted and secured. This way, the ISP won’t be able to read the data you are downloading or uploading and you also get the added advantage of being able to go around geolocation blocks. So, it goes without saying that a VPN is the most useful and safest method to access the Pirate Bay or TPB proxy servers out there.