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Table of contents:

  1. Pirate Bay: Its History and Usage
  2. Learn How to Download from Pirate Bay – Quick Guide
  3. The Pirate Bay Pros and Cons
  4. Finding Torrents on The Pirate Bay
  5. How Do I Pick the Right File from the List?
  6. Does The Pirate Bay Receive Donations?
  7. Pirate Bay Fee
  8. Piratebay Purchases
  9. The Pirate Bay - Is This Platform Legal?
  10. How to Use the Pirate Bay with the Help of VPN
  11. How to Bypass Blocks and Access Pirate Bay
  12. Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Pirate Bay
  13. Is it Possible to Use Pirate Bay on Mobile?
  14. Countries Giving A Thumbs Down To Pirate Bay
  15. Tricks Of Unblocking Pirate Bay In A Particular Country
  16. Taking A Detailed Look AT TBP Proxies
  17. Everything You Wanted To Know About Pirate Bay Mirror
  18. How To Avail Pirate Bay Access From Different Countries
  19. How To Use PirateBay Torrent 100% Savely?
  20. The Pirate Bay Alternatives
  21. Misspelled Term Keywords for Searching for the ThePirateBay Torrent Site
  22. Misspelled Search Term Keywords for Pirate Bay

Last Updated: June 22, 2020, EST

Pirate Bay: Its History and Usage

Previously, we have been discussing about the different ways through which you can access ThePirateBay when your area ISP’s block it. Now we want to talk about what is found on the Pirate Bay and try to answer the question: What is Pirate Bay? This will give you an idea of what to expect when you search for download files.

Since its inception in 2003, Pirate Bay has grown to top the list of the most popular P2P sites. By the year 2017, the site had acquired about 300,000,000 users, placing it at the top of the most visited websites available. Pirate Bay files are usually shared through BitTorrent, which can be downloaded from a number of sites.

The Pirate Bay offers you easy access to a wide range of downloadable torrent files, including games, movies, TV shows, applications and music videos. PirateBay torrent files only contain details of other files, and not the actual content. These torrent files are available in magnet links that can be downloaded through a third-party program. The site also offers blueprints that can be used with 3D printers.

The Pirate Bay site was co-founded in the year 2003 by two Swedish developers, namely; Svartholm and Neij. The two also use pseudonyms; TiAMO and anakata respectively. The website continues to cause problems in the cinema industry around the world since it gives it users access to copyrighted content. MPAA, one of the most popular trade associations in the US, has always accused TPB founders of contravening copyright laws.

This means that, you can easily find yourself on the wrong side of the law, if you use Pirate Bay in a country where copyright laws are strictly enforced. Therefore, it is important to understand what the law in your country says about downloading copyrighted materials and the repercussions associated with such an act. Also, you need to find ways to hide your activities on the internet, especially if the pirate bay website has been blocked in your area.

A lot of people around the world now use VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks to access this and other similar websites. VPNs have increasingly become popular all over the world, and there is an enormous selection available on the internet for you to choose from. Most of them offer free trial options to allow users to test their viability. Basically, a virtual private network encrypts the data sent, making sure your activities on the internet remain completely anonymous.

And because they have servers in different regions, they make you appear like you are operating from a completely different location. This means that, it will be very difficult for authorities in your country to track your activities online. Therefore, you will be able to access the pirate bay and other prohibited websites safely from anywhere.

Learn How to Download from Pirate Bay – Quick Guide

We have come up with a few simple steps on how to download your preferred shows and files from Pirate Bay.

Step 1 - Trace and Download.

1.1 In your browser, search for and give it a few seconds to load the comprehensive catalogue.

1.2 Find the torrent file you wish to download. You can do this through these methods:

  • - Using the search box, you can quickly find the movie or file in the vast database presented by Pirate Bay. Just key in the keywords in the box and hit Enter.
  • - Go to the predefined classifications and trace the torrent you are looking for.

1.3 From the results or the categories provided on the pirate bay, choose the torrent you wish to download.

1.4 Click on the “Get this Torrent Link” to start the download. After a few moments, the file will be saved on your PC.

Step 2 - Use the Client Software.

It is important to note that you don’t get the whole file by simply downloading the torrent file, you require a torrent client, which helps you to download the files you wish to get.

In case you have doubts about which torrent client is best for you, here is a list that you can choose from.

2.1 Run the downloading program.

Regardless of the program you pick, you simply drag and drop the file in the User Interface. Alternatively, you can just double-click on the file.

Note: As the download starts, you will most likely be required to specify where you wish to store the torrent file. Usually, the system chooses the “Downloads” folder on your PC as the default destination.

2.2 You can do other things as you wait for your file to finish downloading. The speed with which the file is downloaded depends on the strength of your internet and the seeders available at that particular moment. The higher the number of seeders, the faster the download.

The Pirate Bay Pros and Cons

pirate bay


1. Code of Honor

The torrenting community and the entire process of p2p sharing is overseen by a certain code of conduct. As soon as you join The Pirate Bay community, you become part of a huge group of people that are brought together by the passion for file sharing. Seeders and leechers share an unwritten code that says you need to keep a file for seeding as well once you are done downloading it. Since you downloaded from other users, you need to contribute by becoming a seeder. Contributing to new content is, of course, a big plus. The great leeching to seeding ratio is what makes The Pirate Bay an awesome community.

2. Keep uploading and downloading when your connection interrupts

Back before the piratebay even existed, at the beginning of p2p sharing, downloading a big file from the internet proved to be a challenging task. With low download speeds and insatiable connections, getting a file from one source was troublesome. Torrenting came to change that and it rapidly improved the process. With torrent downloads, you get to pause and resume at any moment and even if your connection drops, the download resumes with no data loss.

3. Easily Find the Content You Wish to Download

Finding torrent files through Piratebay is extremely easy and straightforward. So, not only that you get to download everything from the internet, but you can rapidly find the torrents as well. Cross-checking all the major torrent databases in an instant, The Pirate Bay delivers top results so you can immediately get started with the download.

4. Great results even if your internet bandwidth isn’t ideal

With traditional download methods, you have one thread to download the content on your computer. So, it goes without saying that putting torrenting and standard downloads head to head isn’t a fair comparison. Torrent downloads allow you to use the technology of multi-threading to get the files from multiple sources at the same time, thus improving the download speed. So, even if your connection isn’t the best, you can still get decent download speeds with torrents.

5. Incredible Accessibility

The Pirate Bay is available all across the globe. Despite the torrent tracker being blocked in some countries, the number of territories where you can’t access the website directly is still low. And, even if TBP is blocked in your country there are plenty of proxies and mirror sites to access it without trouble. Adding a VPN software to the mix makes the process even safer and smoother.

6. Download Everything You Want 100% Free

The Pirate Bay is free to use and it will always stay that way. Creating an account with TBP doesn’t come with any fees or taxes. The same goes for downloading, uploading and any action you’re doing on The Pirate Bay. You can always rely on The Pirate Bay for unlimited free downloads!


1. You May Download Sensitive Content

Since The Pirate Bay does not apply any control over what users upload on the platform, there’s always the possibility of downloading sensitive content. By sensitive content, we mean files that are protected by copyright or are illegal to download. With such a huge community, it would be impossible for The Pirate Bay to control the uploads. On top of that, it would be against the very fiber that TBP was built on. So, it’s your responsibility to make sure the files you download are safe and you don’t download something that can damage your computer or violates the local laws on copyright. The comments section of each torrent, plus the verified icon are good ways to double-check and make sure the files are legit.

2. Torrenting Can Be Difficult with Some Files

Another downside shown by The Pirate Bay comes from not getting the guarantee you always download files that can be opened. Sometimes, the encryption method for certain content is so good that it’s very expensive and lengthy to crack them. So, you may find yourself in the situation of downloading a file that still needs a CD key or code to get full access. Again, you can make sure you’re downloading the files you need by checking the comments. Going for cracks or keygens online can expose your computer to viruses and other malware.

3. TPB Can Affect Your Internet Speed

If your internet bandwidth isn’t big enough, whenever you download files with The Pirate Bay, you will experience serious internet slow-downs. The Pirate Bay asserts priority over other downloads so if you also download something in your browser while downloading a torrent, you will notice it takes more time than usual. To avoid this, you need to manually choose the bandwidth for torrent downloads, such slow-downs are unavoidable.

4. There’s Always the Possibility of Exposing Your IP

You should know that whenever you’re torrenting, some of your information is available to other users in the node. Don’t get scared just yet, we’re talking about your IP address. However, that can be enough if someone wants to track you down. Especially if torrenting is illegal or frowned-upon in your country, the best way to go is combine torrenting with a VPN software. You can rapidly and cheaply secure your information and make torrenting 100% with a virtual private network software.

5. You Won’t Always Be Able to Check the Content Before Downloading

Since there’s no way to check what type of content is uploaded on, you may find yourself in the situation of downloading a file that turns out to be different than what you thought. Torrenting communities are usually very good at keeping trolls and malicious people outside. However, the sheer volume of uploads makes it impossible to guarantee they won’t slip between the cracks. Once again, it’s the community that gives you the final seal of approval. If the comments from other users downloading that file are possible, you can go ahead and trust it.

Finding Torrents on The Pirate Bay

Every torrent uploaded on Thepiratebay is carefully categorized in its specific category depending on the type of content it offers to make it easier for users to quickly find what they need.

When you access the homepage of The Pirate Bay, you will notice the main categories displayed here - Applications, Audio and Video. Besides these main categories, you can pick from a wider list of sub-categories for even more in-depth filtering.

Taking the Applications category as an example, the available sub-categories are Mac, Windows, iOS for iPad or iPhone, handheld, Android, UNIX, and other operating systems.

If you’re not sure what you want to download and just want to browse a list of recently-added torrents, go to the Recent Torrents section offered on the Pirate Bay. Here you’ll find all the fresh torrents so you recognize a title you want to download.

Each category also comes with top 100 pages and you also have a 48-hour filter that combines all categories and menu options so that you browse the hottest downloads on The Pirate Bay.

How Do I Pick the Right File from the List?

On the right side of the list of torrent files provided, you will see SE and LE columns. SE stands for seeders while LE represents leechers. Seeders are the people who have the file that you want to download. In other words, they are the hosts. For instance, if a file has 200 SE, it means that 200 people, who have the file, are on the network. One the other hand, leechers are the people trying to transfer the file from the seeders’ PCs to their devices. For you to get the files you want fast, you should choose the ones that have more seeders and less leechers.

In essence, a 100GB file that has at least a hundred seeders should only take a few hours to download, provided that your internet speed is above average. But it will take you a day or more to download the same file with one seeder and a few leechers.

Every so often you will find similar torrent files available in different sizes. There are various reasons why this happens. The first one is the quality of the file. This is properly illustrated in YouTube videos where viewers are given different video quality options, including 1080p, 720p, 360p, etc.

Additionally, a file can increase in size if it has additional tools. This is very common with applications. So, if you do not want to install the additional tools, you just choose the smaller files.

Do not forget to check out the comments section because it contains important details about the file you wish to download. Pirate Bay users are allowed to react to every file by leaving their feedback in this section. So, From the comments available, you will know if the file is safe to download or it contains malicious malware.

Does The Pirate Bay Receive Donations?


For two years, between 2004 and 2006, you were able to use a “Donate” link that was added on The Pirate Bay website. The link redirected users to a list with multiple payment options and clearly specified that any donations are used to further improve the tracker. On top of that, it also offered some benefits to donors, like the VIP status or an advertisement-free experience. However, the link was no longer there after 2006 and the page that handled donations recommended that users donate "to your local pro-piracy group" for a period of time. Then, it just redirected to the homepage. It has been claimed that The Pirate Bay made appeals for donations that would keep the website alive, back in 2009. Also, Petter Nilsson, a participant of Toppkandidaterna reality-show in Sweden, donated around $5,000 so that The Pirate Bay could upgrade their servers.

The Pirate Bay put together a fund that was supposed to buy Sealand, a micronation in the North Sea where they hoped they can set up their servers. However, in 2009 the convicted TPB leaders made it clear that users should stop donating to cover the fines they receive for the simple reason they were not going to pay them anyway. Finally, in 2013 the Bitcoin address of Pirate Bay was added on the donations section of the website, allowing users to donate via cryptocurrency, Litecoin included.

Pirate Bay Fee

If you check The Pirate Bay’s policy, you will find that the website reserves the right to apply a fee for users that violate the commercial policy. The fee is valued at €5,000 together with other costs such as bandwidth or anything that may arise from the violation. TPB’s co-founder, Peter Sunde, publicly accused the book publishers in Sweden for scraping the website to gather info on copyrighted books available. He says that this is a clear violation of the usage policy, and also asserted TBP’s copyright on the database it owns.

Piratebay Purchases

Back in 2007 when the Sealand micronation was up for sale, The Pirate Buy together with ACFI wanted to buy it. However, it turned out the local government did not want to take part in the Pirate Bay operations as they decided to consider file-sharing as “theft of proprietary rights”. Trying to find a solution, pirate bay wanted to buy an island. However, despite raising €15,000 in donations that supported the cause, the plan was never put into motion.

TorrentFreak, the P2P-focused news blog reported that the domain was acquired by The Pirate Bay. Previously owned by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, an organization with clear anti-piracy activity, it was a very bold move for TPB to acquire it. When asked about this achievement, Peter Sunde said that there’s no hack involved. Someone just gave them the domain name and he’s not sure how it happened, however, he’s glad about the transaction and they are keeping the domain. Quickly after acquiring, ThePirateBay changed the name to "The International Federation of Pirates Interests". A move that seemed to upset IFPI pretty much because they filed a complaint at the World Intellectual Property Organization that forced The Pirate Bay to give back the domain.

Before using The Pirate Bay, it’s a good idea to get yourself up to date with the legality Peer 2 Peer sharing. Through this system, you will be able to download anything you are looking for. From TV shows, movies, software, video games, documentaries and much more, everything is available for free.

Saying that torrents are illegal is an easy thing to do. However, the reality is way different. Legal P2P sharing is being performed on The Pirate Bay and the way to draw the line between what follows the letter of the law and what isn’t, is given by the actual content that you are downloading. Just the fact that it’s free doesn’t make a torrent illegal.

Since most music videos, movies or TV shows are protected by copyright policies, this type of content is usually on the illegal side of torrent downloads. However, when talking about a public domain, there is an exception. If you hold the rights to what you share or it is your creation, than can be shared via TBP with absolutely 0 worries.

Of course, each user will determine the legality of every file they download or share. Since The Pirate Bay had legal encounters with content creators that resulted in the tracker being banned in more territories, and there were multiple lawsuits on copyright infringement, every user needs to be aware of what they can safely share.

How to Use the Pirate Bay with the Help of VPN

pirate bay

If you are having trouble accessing The Pirate Bay in your country, you need to install a virtual private network (VPN). This program helps you to access the P2P site anonymously so that your IP address is not exposed to the ISPs. Once the VPN is fully installed, you just need to open the TPB site and start looking for the torrent files you want to download. For faster navigation, just type the file’s name into the search bar titled "Pirate Search" and hit search. A long list of files with that name will appear after a few seconds.

How to Bypass Blocks and Access Pirate Bay

More than any competing websites, The Pirates has attracted the area of various government agencies. Driven in large part by the media industry trying to protect its monopoly on content, various governments have done their best to censor the site and limit access. However, programmers have managed to stay one step ahead of these efforts. Thanks to the huge range of mirror and proxy sites, most TPB fans have had few difficulties accessing their desired content.

If you want to use one of the very best proxies available, you should check the list of websites listed above. These fantastic websites make it easy to get to the content you want. Proxy sites are run from parts of the world where restrictions aren’t in place. As a result, you can access exactly the same The Pirate Bays download files that you would find on TPB. It’s also a good choice when the original site isn’t available due to technical issues.

You can make use of these kinds of sites to bypass any regional blocks that may have been put in place. By using Pirate Bay mirror sites, it takes seconds to get straight to the same content you would expect from the regular site. To avoid any impediments that may have been put in place by governments or service providers, all you need to do is check the available sites offering that service. You can find a complete index of possible mirror sites to use, and check out all available options. This site is kept updated with the latest functioning proxy ips, and guarantees complete anonymity of use.

Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Pirate Bay

Nine Inch Nails released a brand-new album in 2007 and embedded the song links through Pirate Bay in their official website. But nothing could stop this terrific album from being placed second in the Billboard list.

Pirate Bay representatives made an announcement of launching its service equipment on an unmanned aerial vehicle into neutral waters. It shall be regulated through GPS Control and shall host the project outside the purview of any state’s jurisdiction. Read more here.

Is it Possible to Use Pirate Bay on Mobile?


If you tried accessing The Pirate Bay from a smartphone or any other mobile device prior to 2014, you would have noticed it was close to impossible. The website wasn’t really optimized for mobile and the BitTorrent access felt challenging to say the least.

Even the founder of The Pirate Bay when referring to the experience categorized it as "crap".

However, after it was obvious that more and more users are using their smartphones to access The Pirate Bay, the website received a welcomed upgrade. Especially for Android users, TPB is now a slick-looking website that can be easily navigated. Users with iOS devices will only be able to download content if their device is jailbroken.

From an Android smartphone or another mobile device, you will find plenty of torrent clients in Google Play. Even Blackberry users have the freedom to choose torrent clients and access the content on The Pirate Bay.

Using the RSSBay delivers one of the most satisfying ways of enjoying since it offers a feed that can be personalized and can also be used to download torrents remotely, directly to the computers.

With over 75,000 new files being added on a monthly basis on The Pirate Bay, the website is more offering than ever for mobile visitors. Take The Pirate Bay anywhere with you and enjoy all content types.

Countries Giving A Thumbs Down To Pirate Bay

An active ban has already been enforced on The Pirate Bay by 20+ countries around the globe at the time of writing. These countries are Austria, Finland, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Greece, China, Germany, Denmark, France, Finland, India, Russia, Indonesia, Qatar, Ireland, Portugal, Iran, Norway, Malaysia, Turkey, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Sweden etc. Romania and Greece has also followed suit recently for imposing a ban on Pirate Bay. Read more here.

Tricks Of Unblocking Pirate Bay In A Particular Country

Pirate Bay has already received red flags from a large number of countries and this list keeps on growing with every passing month. More and more internet service providers are joining the queue for enforcing ban on The Pirate Bay which had forever been at loggerheads with authoritative bodies of different countries.

Recently, countries like Romania and Greece which otherwise promote open usage of internet have come up with laws for blocking access to Pirate Bay. You can however gain an edge over this problem by installing the right VPN. This can assist you in unblocking Pirate Bay torrents irrespective of your location. Read more here.

Taking A Detailed Look AT TBP Proxies

Every time you wish to access a website without actually giving out on your IP address, a proxy site can come to your rescue. It actually works as a middleman and requests data from your preferred site before relaying it back to you. Websites can be seen using proxy sites for helping users access content without revealing their identity to the destination website.

Pirate Bay has a controversial reputation and users are often seen resorting to mirror and proxy sites for easily downloading the content which is available on the website in spite of being banned in several countries. The best thing about a proxy server is that it establishes a secure connection in between endpoints. This is especially helpful if you wish to carry out internet monitoring and even catch hackers who can often be seen lurking around websites such as The Pirate Bay. Read more here.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Pirate Bay Mirror

Every time access is blocked towards a website, users seek out the help of proxy sites which are also known as mirrors. Network administrators, internet service providers and legal authorities are often seen blocking Pirate Bay. However they can just deny access to the domain while the website still exists with the servers running.

A proxy or mirror can help you tackle this condition by offering users with a completely different IP and domain name for accessing Pirate Bay. You will thus be able to use normal torrenting through Pirate Bay unless this has also been blocked by one way or another. Read more here.

How To Avail Pirate Bay Access From Different Countries

Laws have been passed in different countries for imposing restrictions on free access to Pirate Bay. This is the main reason behind internet service providers locking out this website. However, if you are persistent about accessing Pirate Bay, then you will have to access it from a server based in a particular country which has not yet outlawed this file sharing website. Read more here.

How To Use PirateBay Torrent 100% Savely?

There’s a grey area around accessing websites that host a database with torrent links in a sense that’s not exactly illegal but is definitely frowned upon. The same applies to downloading a torrent file. If there’s no copyrighted data transferred, there’s nothing illegal about the entire process. Actually, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are often transferred through torrents for their proven advantages when dealing with larger files.

However, when talking about sharing and downloading copyrighted content, the situation changes as there are penalties involved. And even though some see this disproportionate, it doesn’t change the fact torrent users can easily be tracked via IP address. Luckily, there are a few options you have to avoid being tracked. Read more here.

The Pirate Bay Alternatives

the pirate bay


This website has been operational since 2008, and it remains one of the most visited torrent sites globally. It even has more visitors that the Pirate Bay. Its community worked tirelessly to revive it after it was shut down by the American government in 2016. Since then, the site has become one of the greatest sources of torrent files.


The 1337x website is known for its competitiveness and ability to outdo copyright watchdogs. It has a variety of domain names that cushion it against seizure by authorities. 1337x is a great source of movies, TV shows, music, applications, documentaries, porn and many more. You can donate to this site by sending Bitcoin to an address displayed on the website’s home page.


The YTS is also commonly referred to as the YIFY Torrents, which is a P2P site that offers movies with amazing quality and small sizes. Although the original site was seized in 2015 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), numerous copycats have emerged, one of which is YTS_AG. This proxy is considered the most popular because it offers torrents that are verified.

It also allows its users to filter their searches by genre, rating and quality. Plus, all movies on this site come with a description and the information needed to help you find what you are looking for fast.


TorLock offers only verified torrents. At the moment, the site indexes over 5.3 verified files, surpassing even Zooqle. It classifies its files into the following categories; movies, music, software, eBooks, images, porn, TV, games among others. It also has a tag cloud on its homepage, featuring the latest and most popular torrents. What’s more, registered users are allowed to comment on the individual torrents.


Zooqle is considered to be one of the most popular torrents sites available today. It’s not easy to know that the site originates from Russia because all its content has been translated into the English language. Currently, this website has over 4 million fully verified torrents. One of the reasons why Zooqle is so popular is its user-friendly design that makes subscriptions as well as the RSS feeds easy to set up.

Misspelled Term Keywords for Searching for the ThePirateBay Torrent Site

When entering keywords into the Google search box, people often make mistakes and enter incorrect queries. For your convenience, we have gathered the PirateBay search terms with some of the most common mistakes:

priate bay, the priate bay, pirate by, pirate bay’, pirate bay], the pirate by, pirate pay, the pirate bay’, pirate bey, the prate bay, th pirate bay, pirrate bay, the \pirate bay, pireatbay, thr pirate bay, the piate bay, pirater bay, pirate.bay, the pirate bay], piretebay, yhe pirate bay, the priatebay, pirat bay search, pirat bay eu, pirat bay proxy, pirat bay download, pirat e bay.

Misspelled Search Term Keywords for Pirate Bay

People often make spelling mistakes in the PirateBay searches. To prevent you from making such mistakes, we have gathered a complete query list with spelling mistakes:

pirat bay, pirate bay\, pirte bay, prate bay, the pirate bay\, piate bay, pirae bay, the pirte bay, pirate bayu, pyratebay, pirite bay, pirebay, pirate bay proxys, the pirate bay., teh pirate bay, piritbay, the pirae bay, pirate bay., the pirate bey, piratebaye, pirate baye, the pirrate bay, bay priate, priate bay proxy, pirat bay org, pirate by the bay, pirte bay proxy.

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I always had a weird feeling about trying proxy sites. Many of my friends told me that such sites are either not safe or don’t provide a good experience. Forced to try such a website when my government blocked access to Pirate Bay and other torrent sites, I realize they couldn’t be more wrong. I am extremely pleased with the list of proxy sites on your site and the experience was smooth and straightforward. I couldn’t resist checking for viruses and all the sites were clear and safe!
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